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Practical Math Help for Homeschoolers

Hey homeschoolers, are you one of those families that struggle with math.  Well look no further.  Below I have compiled a few practical sites that have helped us in our homeschool and hopefully can help you get over those math blues.


Free Solutions: 

Khan Academy ( - A not for profit site that not only shows you how to solve your math problems but other problems as well.

Math The Smart Way ( - Check out some awesome Free step by step videos on the most common math problems that you will face in your homeschooling life.

Youtube ( - Go to youtube and just type in the math topic that you want to learn about and bada bing you get a video that gives you the knowledge. Easy as pie.


Paid Solutions:

Math U See ( - Some cost effective videos on how to learn math.

MathWay ( - Free to find answers to math problems but they charge a yearly fee of $65 if you want the actual steps to solve the problems.

Singapore Math ( - Many homeschoolers claim that this is an awesome math program.  I must agree with them.


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