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39 The Homeschooling Buzz - BlogWorld Expo L.A. Recap



In this episode we will be talking about BlogWorld and New Media Expo L.A. that took place on November 3,4, and 5th. My journey, photo ops, interviews and 30 minutes of Pat Flynn's session from the blog. All this and a bag of chips...  Ok.  No chips.


Show Notes:

Episode 39: BlogWorld Expo L.A. Recap


Topics Discussed:

I gave up a pot of gold to go to BlogWorld LA

Some of the people I met: Rick, Cliff, Pat, Rob, Eric, Shani, Michael, Jeff, Jim, Jordan and many others

My experiences at BWELA

The Interviews

The Photo Ops

30 Minutes of Pat Flynn's session from blog

BlogWorld website



Technorati State of the Blogosphere


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