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Colleges Want Homeschool Students

Many parents of homeschoolers express anxiety over their homeschool graduate being accepted by a college, however this is a worry that these parents can cast far out of their minds as homeschool students are becoming an in demand commodity in colleges. Every major institute of higher education accepts homeschooled students, assuming of course they meet the necessary criteria for acceptance. These institutions rely to some extent on the SAT, ACT, or CEB exams and a few require the SAT II from homeschooled students, however this is not an issue if the student knows the material. On average, home-schooled students have higher GPAs, SAT and ACT test scores than their traditional counterparts, according to a 2009 study by Michael Cogan, director of institutional research at the University of St. Thomas Paul, Minn.

Institutions do not want to accept students who will likely fail; they are eager to produce successful graduates. As a result, a growing number of homeschool high school students are being accepted to unversities such as Princeton, Stanford, M.I.T. and Duke, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. However, there sometimes isn't enough room to allow everyone who applies for admission to be admitted into the school and so entrance requirements have to be rigid. Still, there are schools such as Texas A&M, Brown, Carnegie Mellon Institute and Yale who have created flexible rules for the submission of transcripts, they allow parents to write students evaluations and don't require general equivalency diploma, or GED, from home-schooled students.

Essentially though, being a homeschool parent means you understand your child and so you may be able to choose a different course of action for them.  All students are not alike and so other college success options could include going to a junior college for two years and then transferring to a four year college. In addition you could also enroll your student into a college mentoring program such as CollegePlus! where the student is led step by step through the process of testing out of subjects to expedite their college journey to earn an accredited degree through distance learning.

Many options exist for homeschool parents who want to send their home-schooled high school graduate to college. We have only covered a few of them out of a seemingly exhaustive list. The door is just waiting to be opened.


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