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5 Ways To Homeschool For Free

I was recently on Facebook and usually there are times when one question is dominant over all the others and this week it happened to be How to Homeschool for Free. For many parents money is definitely an issue when choosing to homeschool their children. After all you can send your child to public school for free.  However, how much is your child's safety or well being worth to you? If you goal is to spend time with your child or instill your values or to customize their curriculum, then will it be worth it to send your young one away for free only to loose them in the long run. As Dr. Brian Ray said, "Be aware that Government (public) schools, private schools, school at home and homeschooling all indoctrinate children with ideas, beliefs, and world views."  In any case there are ways to home school for free or at least for very little money. So that you can choose the best option for your family I will show you 5 ways to homeschool for free or at least almost free.


1) Ask some of your homeschool friends for their extra or left over curriculum.  Many of your homeschool buddies have extra curriculum just lying around their houses in boxes that is just catching dust. Ask them if you can have it or at least pay a few bucks to take it off their hands.  In addition you can also join an online homeschool group and expand your reach of getting the free curriculum.  Remember you are not only limited to your next door neighbor you've got the whole world at your finger tips now. Remember that Jesus had twelve disciples and there are twelve grades so in essence you only need twelve people to give you one curriculum per year.


2) You can Google 'Homeschool Free' or 'Free Homeschool Curriculum'. There are entire sites devoted to instructing you how to homeschool for Free.

Here are a few: Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, .

3) You can visit your local library for plenty of resources for your new homeschool. You will not only find books but also DVD's, Cd's, audio, software, and magazines to add as supplements to lessons.

4) Volunteer at your local homeschool school convention or state organization.  Many state organizations are in need of volunteers and will gladly give you their left over resources and supplies or even a free trip to the convention if you give them some of your time.

5) Join a homeschool support group or PSP which has a curriculum lending library. Many home school support groups have quite a few families that have gone through each grade level and have donated their completed curriculum courses to the group to be used for new homeschoolers. If you join one of these groups then you can enjoy the perks of their lending library.


There are of course many more ways to explore and I have only scratched the surface here. Experiment, think outside the box. If you want something go and get it.  Remember, if you don't ask then you definitely will not get it.


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Reader Comments (4)

Good post, I have been at it 12 years and I have my ups and downs with cost.

I do know that I have saved hundreds of dollars sharing curriculum with friends over the years. One year one of us will use something else and swap with families. This has been the best way to save. Also, once a year we give away stuff we don't want at park days. I have scored may cool games and curriculum I would have never bought.

Using regular books has saved me the most money. We have been able to just find books on the topic of interest and read about it and write if we choose and from the library and discount book stores.

I will say one thing, it can be done for total free if you work at it! I spent lots of money at the start and have not spent a dime in the last four years on any curriculum.

It can be very low cost to home school!

Tip 1. Thrift stores are awesome for books, games, odd learning stuff
Tip 2. School Districts sometimes give away workbooks for free each year.
Tip 3. Charter Schools are another way to get funds for fun classes and curriculum

Good Luck,
Home educating two fine kids!

December 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSpramani Elaun


I would love to repost your article on a cross-promotional blog for Spigot Science at;

Would I have permission to do this? I will give you full credit and linkbacks.

Thanks =)

Sandie lee

January 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandie lee

Speaking of "free" there is a Homeschool Freecycle Group on Facebook that started. It is specifically for sharing and giving away curriculum people no longer need and would like to give to someone who needs it or for sharing freebie websites and information. :) Tracey

November 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTracey

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