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5 Fun Homeschool Conversations That Inspire and Encourage: Real Talk with Homeschoolers Book Series

"What about socialization?"
"What about homeschool curriculum?"
"Will my kids be normal after I'm done homeschooling?"
"What about college?"
"Will my kids be able to find a job after graduating from my homeschool?"
Many of us feel inadequate at times. However, that insecure feeling comes from our negative thoughts that say, "You are the only one who is are suffering through this situation right now." Well rest assured --- you are not the only one suffering. Many people have suffered through these questions and much much more but have made it through to success in their homeschool nonetheless.
Don't believe me? Well, that's Okay because, Gerald McKoy has produced a book about real life homeschoolers who share their struggles and successes from their homeschooling journey. Join Gerald as he talks with: 
Susan Beatty, co-founder of CHEA of California, who chose to homeschool her child because of a radio talk show hosted by Dr. James Dobson;
Zan Tyler from Apologia, who ran from homeschooling but was forced into it by her local school; 
Gena Suarez from the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, who was presented with the homeschool vehicle at age 19; 
Jean Burk from College Prep Genius, who came to homeschooling saying, "Yeah, Let's do this thing"; 
and Dan Miller author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, who had an unexpected bump in the educational road and after exploring options, very quickly moved toward homeschooling as being a chance to work with his children and develop their unique skills.
Read this book and you will say, "Dang, if they can do it, so can I."
FYI, the perspective of these interviews is from that of a Christian world view. As a result, if you possess a different world view these interviews may still be able to give you insight and hope, however, I would recommend using the shopping cart method when reading. Essentially, just take away what you need and leave what you don’t want.
Click the link below to be taken to the books product page. Once there click on the cover of the book, Amazon's "Look Inside" feature, to see some excerpts and if you like what you see then please support this site by purchasing a copy.

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