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65 The Homeschooling Buzz - Alert Academy - Equipping Men to Serve Nations



In this episode we talk with Carl Rowe and Bonnie Horn about a unique training and service organization called the Alert Academy. This organization trains young men who desire to achieve maturity and fruitfulness in service as Christian men. Carl is a recruiter who works with Alert Academy and Bonnie (See her personal testimony here) is a satisfied parent here to share her experiences with Alert Academy. 


Show Notes:

Episode 65: Alert Academy - Equipping Men to Serve Nations


Topics Discussed:

A brief intro to the Alert Academy.

They offer occupation training too?!

Carl tells how he became a part of Alert Academy.

A day in the life of a candidate

How Parents see the Alert Academy.

Bonnie shares her testimony about Alert Academy

Advanced Training Institute (

Young men being changed for the better

Bonnie shares her tesimony with mom's using the charter school vehicle. (

We haven't forgotten the young ladies

Wrapping it up.


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