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5 things Public School Can Learn From Home School Teachers

There are many things home school parents would love to just change about the current public school system. There are many things that even public school teachers would love to change about the current education system. Sometimes it’s healthy to vent, so here are a few things that public schools should learn from the current home school system:
1.  Public school students aren’t fully engaging in educational technologies like home school students.  The world around us has incredible new educational technologies that are being dodged. There are more efficient cognitive online learning programs, reading comprehension programs, study programs, and all sorts of educational software that can really increase a student’s intelligence and love for knowledge.  Teachers and schools should have a higher budget set aside for technology. Public school students aren’t being exposed to great learning technology until they’re in college and that shouldn’t be the case. With technology students can increase their knowledge at a quicker pace. It’s so important that we keep learning with technology.
2.  Every student is different, so every student learns in their own way. Students are all unique in their own way and every child is at a different point. They all have their own desires and they mentally process information in their own way at their own speed. Some students will learn by doing while others will learn by watching. With homeschooling a parent or private tutor can adopt and customize lessons so the child can comprehend it more efficiently. In a classroom of 30 it’s very difficult to do that. Private or charter schools that have smaller classrooms are picking up on this. Teachers just mainly need to understand each student at a deeper level to be a better teacher.
3.  Students aren’t being pushed academically. Students need to be challenged. It’s difficult to do in a classroom setting but if you work one on one with a student you can challenge them more and see more results. Certain students will be at a second grade reading level when they’re in first grade, and they will be forced to slow down when they should be speeding up. Students are willing to work hard; you just have to work hard with them. Then the results will come.
4.  Students need to believe in themselves. Belief produces action which converts into results. If a student is told positive things about who they are, they will have more drive and desire to accomplish great things. A child’s self esteem has a huge impact on their academic grades. Children need to learn by experience that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. That takes time and hard work but it will build a long lasting self esteem which will help the child the rest of their life.
5.  Students need to fall in love with learning. Sadly, field trips come only so often in public schools. With home schooling it’s fun getting out and showing your child the world. Family vacations even turn into deep fun learning experiences that stick with the student forever. Students really do love to learn about the world that they live in. Learning is fun, and it’s so vital a child falls in love with it early on. Teachers have the power to help children fall in love with learning, they really do.
Now, home schooling is not perfect, there are many improvements every teacher can make in each home. However,  home schooling is working, the numbers nationwide are showing great results and it’s important to understand why.
Author bio: Allison Watkins has been involved in kids reading programs curriculum for over 15 years. She loves history, arts, and sports. She found a love for helping children learn how to read and grow educationally with
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