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The Homeschooling Buzz
Posted Fridays

What’s happening in homeschooling RIGHT NOW?  Gerald McKoy spends every waking moment scouring the homeschool community for cool news, interviews, videos and funny moving moments and he shares them with you every week on the homeschooling buzz. Subscribe to the homeschooling buzz in itunes.  The Homeschooling Buzz… It will keep you buzzing… on homeschooling.


Homeschool Convention Playback
Posted Sundays

Join us as we take a listen to workshops and keynotes from past CHEA Homeschool Conventions.

Ender's Game Fancast


The Ender's Game series is set in a future where mankind is facing annihilation by an aggressive alien society, an insect-like race know as "Formics" but often referred to as "Buggers". Andrew "Ender" Wiggen, is one of the child soldiers recruited at the age of six and trained at Battle School to be the future leader and protector of Earth.


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